Turkel Corporation
Landscape Supplies Delivered
Austin, Texas

We deliver landscape supplies and aggregates to homeowners and contractors throughout central Texas.  In
addition to supplying the materials, we offer spreading services,  house demolition, and parking lot construction.  
Sand and Gravel
Sandy Loam is a good clean fill material and is primarily used to grade yards prior to laying sod.  Our Sandy Loam is dug
near  the Colorado River and is free of rocks, weeds, roots, etc.  Sandy Loam is a reddish, orange color and will have large
clods of dirt, but is your most economical dirt for filling in low spots.  Since it is fairly chunky, it is difficult to level by hand
so it is primarily sold to contractors that can use a Bobcat or tractor to spread it.  Our Chocolate loam is a darker, richer
color and can be run through our screener to take out the large dirt clods..  Screened loam will be more expensive, but if
you need to lay the dirt smooth and do not have access to equipment, you may want to consider this material.

Dillo Dirt is compost made by the City of Austin and we are an authorized dealer.  The city collects yard trimmings and
cures them for several months to create a nice rich, dark color, fairly fine compost.  Dillo Dirt can be used to top dress your
yard, mixed with chocolate loam, and recently has been approved for use in vegetable gardens.

We can mix Chocolate Loam and Dillo Dirt at  approximately 50% screened chocolate loam and 50% Dillo Dirt to produce
fertile dirt that can be used as a topdressing.

Road Base is a mixture of crushed limestone rock and dust to create a strong base material.  The rock is about 1 1/4" and
the dust helps pack the material onsite.  This material can be used as a foundation material in houses and for driveways
and packs strongly.

Crushed Limestone is a white rock and does not pack well.  Common uses are as the top layer in a parking lot, adding more
rock to a country driveway, etc.

Pea Gravel is used for playscapes, pipe fill, walkways, and in gardens.  1" Rock is used in retaining walls and septic
systems.  1 1/2" Rock is used in landscaping applications.  The sand is sifted into 3 grades.  Fill sand is the most coarse and
is used for drainage, and under concrete.  Concrete sand is primarily mixed to form cement.  Mason sand is the finest and
can be used for masonry applications and playscapes.

Decomposed Granite is trucked in from the Hill Country.  This granite gravel is the pinkish small rocks and gravel you see
on hike and bike trails.  A lot of homeowners use it for xeriscapeing and to create pathways.
Most products are sold by the yard plus delivery.  Please contact us for prices.

How to figure out how many yards you need:  
Length in feet x Width in feet x depth in inches as a fraction ( 1" = 1/12 or .083) gives
you cubic feet.  Then divide by 27 to get cubic yards.  

For example, you have 50 feet by 30 feet you want to fill with 2 inches of dirt.  
50x30x.167 = 250.5 cubic feet divided by 27 = 9.27 yards.

Typical coverage for One Cubic Yard
at 1/4" = 1296 square feet
at 1/2" =  648  square feet
at 1"    =  324  square feet
at 2"    =  162  square feet